Repair Missing Backup Catalog Corruption Issue

BKF or the Backup files are the data safeguards on your data saved on the system. Microsoft Windows users are privileged as they are provided with an inbuilt backup utility system called NTBackup. Most Windows users worldwide make use of NTBackup to create backups of their crucial data in view of data safety in times of original files corruption, which they think they will be able to restore from backup, even if they lose original file. This diminishes the chances of data loss for them in case of any trouble.

Unfortunate Fact about Backups : This is for sure that backups help when you lose original files but what if these BKF files themselves get corrupted? This is unfortunately true about BKF files that they are also not 100% free from corruption. Backups or the data safeguards can also surrender to corruption catastrophe.

Missing Catalog Files – A Prominent Reason for BKF Corruption : There can be many unforeseen, unpredictable, and unavoidable reasons for backup files corruption. One of the most prominent ones is the missing catalog files.

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Understand about Missing Catalog Files : Catalog files are basically those files that allow NTBackup to restore data from BKF files. These files are actually produced during the backup operation and they are stored in a folder on your system. The folder is called the catalogs folder, which depicts under the restore tab in NTBackup. Now, if you try to form more than one backup at a time, these catalog files tend to share identical timestamp attribute. The problem that arises here is that only the set, which is created first; shows up under the restore tab but other than that, the sets created concurrently do not appear under the restore tab. This results in BKF corruption. At the time of corruption, when you look at the backup files, which were formed by this coordinated execution of several backup processes at a time, you will find that catalog files are missing from the Restore Tab.

Repair Missing Backup Catalog

Employing a robust, professional and advanced 3rd party MS backup repair tool to repair corrupted/damaged backup (.bkf) file is the best solution to opt for in data disaster situation. Amongst the rest, choose the best repair backup file tool can salvage your crucial company data.

How to Repair Backup Catalog

There are many third-party tools available in the market for repairing backup catalog files. The only thing you have to be cautious and wary about is the choice of the tool. BKF Repair software is an efficient tool to repair crashed backup catalog files. If you are not a very technical person, still you can use this software to restore broken backup catalog files as the process to extract broken backup catalog files using this tool is an extremely easy one. Thanks to the very user-friendly interface of the software that helps you to repair missing BKF catalog files without any difficulty.