Repair BKF File Tool Reinstate vital data from corrupt BKF

Backup is a secure way to insure your precious and critical data for a data-loss situation. Backed up copies of data is used for restoring the original data at event of data disaster.

Windows NTBackup Utility - Microsoft Windows users worldwide are blessed with the built-in backup utility, NTBackup. The backup files created using ntbackup.exe utility are termed as BKF files. But many a times due to some unpredictable and unforeseeable reasons even these backup files get corrupted and fail to provide data restoration.

How backup files get corrupted?

Incorrect system shutdown


Voltage surge

Frequent interruptions during backup process

Virus or Trojan attacks

User negligence

Power Failures and fluctuations

Hardware and Software malfunctions

CRC Errors or Media read errors

Missing catalog file

Corruption Strikes - If in a data-loss and disaster situation when we are completely relying on our back up data, and suddenly get surprised knowing that the back up data has also fallen prey to corruption, we are left in an untenable situation.

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Errors you can confront when trying to open your backup file

BKF errors: The backup file is unusable.

Unrecognized Media: The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used.

An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media.

The fixed media is full.

Recovery Plan to Repair and Restore the Original Data

Your recovery plan needs to address the important question as to How to Repair & Recover the lost BKF?
To overcome the disaster situation and ensure smooth business continuity and minimum downtime, employing an effective 3rd party utility tool is the prompt solution. With Internet search and hunting you will land up finding numerous repair utility tools.

Think rationally!!! Choose Cautiously!!! And Invest Wisely!!!! 
Taking in consideration the vital importance of your business data you need to invest in a professional, safe, secure and reliable MS backup file restore tool. One professional, robust and successful MS backup repair tool is s BKF Repair software.

Why MS BKF Repair Software?

Some striking and key features of s BKF Repair software that make it superior and distinguished over others

BKF Repair software also supports file created with VERITAS Backup Exec.

BKF Repair software is an easy do-it-yourself recovery tool for MS backup file designed using high-end programming techniques and algorithms.

BKF Repair software is an advanced BKF repair tool for repairing the corrupted/damaged BKF file which gets corrupted due to a virus or trojan attack or unexpected system shutdown, or hardware failures or software applications failure or human errors.

BKF Repair software come with the unique ‘Preview’ facility, to view the repairable files and contents before saving.

Data Security and Integrity maintained.

The excellent tool has advanced features like 'Deep Scan' and 'Quick Scan' allowing a thorough and detailed scan with the corrupted backup file, if any files are missed during the first scan.

The versatile ms backup repair tool allows for 'Range' scanning of the files and folders, to restore only a few files from the large BKF file.

 The repair backup file tool enables detailed tree-view of the folders and files in Windows Explorer.

Large sized BKF file are easily repaired. BKF files upto 300 GB are easily recovered.

Easy to install and operate. No special user skills required.

Cost-effective and affordable automated solution to repair backup file.

Full install and uninstall support provided.

Free BKF Repair software demo facility available to try and test the tool’s working. You can only preview the repairable file contents but cannot save them.

Stressed on how to recover deleted files in Windows 7? The software supports and functions smoothly on all 32-Bit Windows versions, Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. Easy MS backup recovery in Windows 7.

Optimal 24*7 online technical support provided to address any type of queries related to the software’s working, purchase related etc.