How to fix unreadable BKF file?

Backups Safeguard Data If you are in the fruitful habit of taking regular backups of your precious data; then, you will enjoy the returns of your efforts in a data-loss and disaster situation. Many of you may find this task of daily backing up data a strenuous, exhaustive and monotonous activity but, Microsoft has made this though activity a lot easier with the NTBackup utility that comes in-built with Windows. You can easily take your backups with this utility and make your crucial data secure.

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Backup Corruption Causes

Everything running smooth as per your backup and recovery strategy, until one day when you suddenly realize that due to some hardware or software failure or virus attack or any other issue, your vital data is infected and got corrupted. You rely on our backup copies to restore vital data and business information, but to a surprise, even those backup copies are infected. Primarily, backup data gets corrupted due to the following reasons:

Frequent interruptions during back up process

Power sabotage

Voltage surge

Unexpected or sudden system shutdown

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC )errors

Catalog file missing

Hardware/software failure

Media failures

Virus, Trojan attack. Also, due to some malicious software.

Human errors or negligence

Errors Confronted Often

Backup copies or the BKF file gets corrupted and when trying to restore backup data from it, it becomes unreadable and shows garbage characters. Following errors can be confronted when trying to open a corrupted BKF file:

Fails to Open file

The backup file is unusable

Unrecognized Media

Fix Unreadable BKF File

If no other healthy and prompt backup copy of data is available (say a second backup copy or back up copy on another media), then to restore BKF backup, you have to fix unreadable BKF file. The corrupted and damaged BKF file can be repaired using an effective and advanced 3rd party recovery Tool for MS Backup. These utility tools are designed using high-end programming techniques and algorithms; through which, the corrupted data is first scanned and then repairable files and folders are repaired and vital data is restored. Enriched with user friendly graphical interface, these tools are easy to understand & operate, and provide safe & secure data restoration in any case of BKF file corruption. Online markets are flooded with such advanced 3rd party BKF file repairing tools, but, wise choice must be made taking into consideration the tool’s effectiveness to repair and restore data from corrupt BKF file.

BKF Repair Tool is one such remarkable player in this domain. BKF Repair software is a professional, advanced, robust and feature-rich BKF repair utility, that effectively repairs BKF files created using Windows NTBcakup.exe utility and Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec utility. This powerful backup repair tool thoroughly scans the corrupted data using logical and high-end scanning algorithms and repairs the damaged BKF file without making any alterations to the data. Data security and integrity is procured during the BKF recovery process. BKF Repair software is a brilliant tool to restore back your vital and crucial business or personal data infected and damaged through BKF file corruption. The tool is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. The tool provides optimum results and his highly unique with rich features in comparison to other BKF file recovery tools. The tool provides the ‘Preview’ facility to view the repairable files and folders before repairing. Along with the ‘Preview’ facility, there are ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Deep Scan’ features that support the thorough scanning of the corrupted BKF file. All these features come with an affordable price. BKF Repair software is the prompt solution to fix unreadable BKF file.